1042 public domain assets made possible by 270 patrons.💙
Free Materials Never Looked This Good!
CC0 Textures offers a library containing hundreds of detailed PBR materials with displacement-, normal- and roughness maps in resolutions of up to 8192px for photorealistic rendering. There is no need to log in, buy credit points or pick a commercial license, all assets are available for free and without any restrictions.
Detailed, Accurate And Flexible
The majority of all assets is available in resolutions from 2048px of up to 8192px - and sometimes even bigger. Most materials are either created from the ground up in Substance Designer or photoscanned to ensure that displacement- and normal maps are accurate to the real world.
Just The Way You Need Them
In addition to the exported maps CC0 Textures also offers packaged/archived Substance Graphs (SBSARs). You can customize the appearance of these materials, export them in even higher resolutions (if needed) or save on resources by storing only the description of how to the materials instead of the full texture maps.
Not Just Materials
PBR materials are only one building block of a good scene, you may also need some backdrops or 3D models. Right now these categories are not as big as the other ones, but I am working on expanding them.
Creative Freedom Without Roadblocks
Materials from commercial texturing sites almost always come with some sort of usage restrictions that prohibit you from redistributing the texture maps and sometimes even the renders. The assets on CC0 Textures however are licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 License. That means that you can share them whereever and for whatever purpose. This includes commercial use and the redistribution of the files themeselves (for example as part of an open source video game).
"Who is making all of this - and why?"
CC0 Textures is operated by me - Lennart Demes. I am also the one creating all the photos, materials and models for this site. CC0 Textures was created in early 2018 out of my frustration about not being able to share my work on BlendSwap or BlenderMarket because it contained materials from commercial texturing sites. As you might be able to imagine creating high quality materials every week and running a website with no download caps take a lot of time and resources. I would therefore appreciate it if you could support the project via Patreon. 💙